STEAMpunks 2018
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STEAMpunks 2018:

STEAMpunks 2017:

Event Organiser - Deborah Evans:

Deborah Evans & Stephen Heppel - ImageStephen Heppel + Debbie Evans

Debbie is an award winning educator, who loves working with kids.

Debbie is a natural, passionate teacher and learner: with a reputation for developing and delivering practical, innovative and evidence-based frameworks for deeper integration of the Arts and Sciences into the current, mandated Australian curriculum.

Debbie was appointed Director of Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre (2007-2011) in recognition of her leadership skills and awarded the Australian National Excellence in Teaching Award in 2013.

Debbie is currently Principal at Bondi Beach Public School in Sydney Australia (2017) where her priority remains the education of kids - and broader promotion of public education throughout the whole school community.

Debbie continues to be inspired by, and engaged with a network of generous, forward-thinking, practical and unpretentious education leaders.

Debbie is not only an inspirational teacher for the children who have shared her classrooms, but also for her colleagues and friends in education at large. Follow Debbie on Twitter: @devans17


Keynote - Amanda Fox:

'STEM – it’s all about D.N.A. - that’s Design, Narrative and Application' 1)

Amanda Fox - ImageAmanda Fox

Amanda is a teacher at the STEM Academy School in Savannah, Georgia, USA. She is also a film and broadcasting instructor with a background in teaching primary English and the Social Sciences.She was appointed to the STEM school at its inception.

Amanda deeply understands learning and how seamlessly technology can work together with mandated curriculum in not only STEM but the Arts & Humanities as well. She teaches part-time at Penn State University, is an inspirational speaker, and regularly presents her work to teachers in schools.

Follow her on Twitter.

If STEAM is not on your agenda yet, it should be.

Student Mentor/Judge - Adrienne Cahalan:

Adrienne CahalanAdrienne Cahalan Adrienne was the only woman competing in the 2005–06 Volvo Ocean Race. She is a qualified lawyer and had a master's degree in Applied Meteorology.

Adrienne has been part of the Cheyenne crew which broke the Round the World World Speed Record in 2004 and has circumnavigated the globe on several projects. 2)

In the 2015 Sydney to Hobart race, Adrienne sailed on the 100-footer Perpetual Loyal - one of the major rivals to race favourite Wild Oats, the boat on which she won line honours five times and the overall title twice. 3)